Self-Sufficiency Outcomes Matrix

Catherine’s House tracks self-sufficiency in 8 domains – Food, Transportation, Childcare, Mental Health Substance Use, Employment, Income, and Housing – using a 5-point scale, as follows:

1 = In Crisis,           2 = Vulnerable,           3 = Safe,           4 = Stable,           5 = Thriving

In each domain, the designation of “In Crisis” identifies an individual who is not able to exercise much, if any, control or choice in their situation; they are at the mercy of others for what they will eat, where they will lay their head for the night, etc. At the other end of the scale, “Thriving” is used to describe an individual who can select from a wide range of options available to them. Catherine’s House seeks to serve women and families whose housing situation can best be described as In Crisis or Vulnerable. Upon initial screening, those who are in In Crisis across most domains will generally be referred to other resources (e.g., emergency housing closer to public transportation). This is an acknowledgement that, for some women and families, it is likely to take longer than 4 months to achieve safety and stability, and they may be better served by Catherine’s House at a different point in time. While we are not able to achieve it in every instance, our goal is that, upon discharge residents would be Safe (3), Stable (4), or Thriving (5) in all measured domains. See the graph below illustrating mean changes in self-sufficiency for residents who completed the program during fiscal year 2020 (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020). Additional statistics can be found here showing Self-Sufficiency Status at Intake vs. Exit, for residents completing the program in FYTD 2020 (6/30/2020).