In 1991, Hester Tribble, a social worker and graduate of the former Sacred Heart College, approached the Sisters of Mercy regarding her dream to serve the homeless. The Sisters of Mercy agreed to help her by forming an active board and allowing the use of an empty building on the grounds of the former college. When Ms. Tribble was unable to continue, the Sisters of Mercy adopted the ministry which opened in November, 1992. They named it Catherine’s House in honor of their foundress, Catherine McAuley of Dublin, Ireland.

As a transitional home, Catherine’s House welcomes women and their children who would otherwise be homeless due to circumstances such as domestic violence, unemployment/underemployment, shortage of affordable housing, unexpected tragedies, and lack of support network.

Residents at Catherine’s House have varying experiences, histories, and needs. During their stay, each woman participates in an individualized 4-6 month program that includes case management, individual and group counseling, and a focus on emotional wellness. While Catherine’s House meets the basic needs of our residents, our greatest impact is empowering women to become self-sufficient so that upon completing the program, the cycle of homelessness ends.

Catherine’s House serves women and children from a multi-county area in North and South Carolina, with the majority of residents from Mecklenburg and Gaston Counties. Catherine’s House serves 75-100 women and children annually, and has served over 2,350 women and children since 1992.

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