This month resident Ruth moves into her own apartment and looks forward to reuniting with her children.  Ruth has much to celebrate now, but she didn’t always.  In the process of leaving an abusive husband and being hospitalized for severe depression, other living arrangements were made for her children.  Ruth, unemployed and homeless, found short-term solace in a new relationship that also turned violent.  After finding refuge at the Domestic Violence Shelter in Gastonia, she was referred to Catherine’s House.

With “tons of encouragement and love from the staff,” Ruth created a plan focused on emotional healing in addition to economic independence.  She attended individual and group therapy sessions, started a new job, opened a savings account and saved enough money to buy a car.  Ruth said, “I learned relationship skills, time management, and budgeting.  I was helped with transportation to doctor appointments and the expense of medication, but I also learned about myself.  I began to believe that I could make it on my own.  Most importantly, I was able to reconnect to my Christian faith which I previously gave up for my husband.”

Catherine’s House is giving Ruth donated furniture and house wares for her new apartment that has enough room to accommodate her children.  She said, “I can’t wait to have a real home where I can re-create my own personal Catherine’s House.  I want our home to be for my children what Catherine’s House is for me – a safe place where they will always be welcome.”  As for her next steps, Ruth says, “I want to get more involved with my church, participate in mission trips, and I want to raise my children to serve Christ.”  Ruth is already making plans to volunteer and visit regularly once she is settled in her new home.