Originally from a small farm town in North Carolina, DeAndra came to the Charlotte/Gastonia region in search of “personal and professional growth.”  She developed a strong interest in medical practices after taking care of her diabetic grandmother who eventually lost her sight.  She enrolled in a local college’s Medical Assistant Program while working several part-time jobs.  Even though DeAndra excelled academically, the struggle to find affordable housing made her “want to give up.” As a single mother with no family to help her, DeAndra turned to Catherine’s House.

She met with the Program Director at Catherine’s House and prepared a plan for gaining employment and securing housing.  She soon opened her first savings account to save money for rent and deposits.  DeAndra participated in spiritual counseling and was known to spend time in the meditation room. “Catherine’s House gave me peace and security. I actually had time to go to God. I talked to him and I listened. I started making steps and progressing.”

DeAndra graduated with honors in July, and is now working as a Medical Assistant.  DeAndra tears up when she describes hearing her daughter cheer as she crossed the stage at the graduation ceremony.  When asked about her experience at Catherine’s House, DeAndra says, “I wouldn’t trade it for anything other than my own place.  It has been a big blessing to me and forever will be in my heart.”  DeAndra and her daughter moved into their own place.  Congratulations DeAndra!