History and Sisters of Mercy Sponsorship

Catherine’s House is a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy. Animated by the Gospel and Catherine McAuley’s passion for the poor, Catherine’s House is committed to our mission and vision.

History: In 1991, Hester Tribble, a social worker and graduate of the former Sacred Heart College, approached the Sisters of Mercy regarding her dream to serve the homeless.  The Sisters of Mercy agreed to help her by forming an active board and allowing the use of an empty building on the grounds of the former college.  When Ms. Tribble was unable to continue, the Sisters of Mercy adopted the ministry which opened in November of 1992.  They named it Catherine’s House in honor of their foundress, Catherine McAuley of Dublin, Ireland. For the past 25 years, Catherine’s House has provided residential care and services to over 2,200 women and children.

Relationship with the Sisters of Mercy: Catherine’s House is a sponsored ministry and subsidiary corporation of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, South Central Community. This relationship does not place the financial burden of the sponsored ministry solely on the Sisters. Instead, the ministry is responsible for the majority of its own budget while the Sisters of Mercy expect the particular ministry to remain accountable for its actions. Not only is sponsorship a financial commitment, it is a spiritual and emotional commitment as well.

Organizational Sustainability: Catherine’s House has its own board which is responsible for operation of the organization and hiring of its CEO.  If, in the unlikely event, the Board is unable to meet its obligations, the SOM can convene a replacement board and select a replacement CEO.  The parent corporation would assume these responsibilities reluctantly because the operating philosophy is that community boards, such as that utilized at Catherine’s House, function best with the responsibility and authority to carry out the organization’s mission.  However, in the event of an emergency, the parent corporation could bring resources and management to Catherine’s House.