Wish List



Most Needed Items: Other Needed Items:

Used Cars (safe & drivable)

Trash Bags (15 & 30 Gallon)

Cleaning Supplies, Pine Sol


Feminine Products

Clothing Hangers

Canned Chicken, Turkey or Stew

Flash Drives

Used Furniture (in good condition)

Furniture Polish

Liquid Hand Soap

Baby Powder, Baby Shampoo, and Baby Lotion

African American Hair Products 
Freezer Bags
Pots & Pans

Gift Cards to Gas Stations & local stores

       (Bi-lo, Walmart, Aldi and Lowe's)

Please call in advance if you have clothing donations as Catherine's House has limited clothing storage.


Items can be delievered to Catherine's House at 141 Mercy Drive in Belmont, NC.


Contact Sister Carmelita at 704-825-9599 if you have questions regarding our Wish List.

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