Winning Car Raffle Ticket Pulled!


Congratulations to car raffle winners Gary and Karen Burgess of Charlotte, NC!  Their ticket (# 19615) was pulled on December 10th by a child living at Catherine's House.  Thank you again to everyone who participated in our annual fundraiser.  Please know you have touched the lives of women and children at Catherine's House through your ticket purchases and other contributions.






Catherine's House serves women and children facing homelessness due to a variety of circumstances such as: domestic violence, un/underemployment, the shortage of affordable housing, unexpected tragedies, and lack of a support network. Catherine's House provides services tailored to the needs of each resident.  Learn more about our services.


Special thanks to The String Bean & 10 Catawba of Belmont, and McKenney-Salinas Honda of Gastonia, NC for their support of our Car Raffle Fundraiser.


A Letter From Bev


"Catherine’s House is not just a house; it was my home. Iwalked through the door after being discharged from a medical facility. I had been in an abusive marriage for 17 years. During that time, I was a financially secure stay-at-home mom until my divorce 14 years ago. I suffered from clinical and situational depression. I had no job, no money, no food and no place to live – other than my car."


Read Bev's whole story.



Wish List

      Our most needed items include:             

  • Trash Bags (15 & 30 Gallon)

  • Cleaning Supplies, Pine Sol

  • Tissues

  • Towels
  • Coffee
  • Clothing Hangers


See other needed items here.






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