Congratutions Board Member Frank Traywick


Catherine's House Board Member Frank Traywick was recently named Belmont Citizen of the Year. Frank has made significant contributions to the community through a variety of service-based activities. Read more.


Sister Receives

Humanitarian Award


Sister Carmelita Hagan, Volunteer Coordinator/Facilities Manager at Catherine's House, received a Humanitarian Award at the 23rd annual Belmont UnityVolunteer Coordinator and Facility Manager of Catherine's House  Day celebration. The award is sponsored by Belmont's Coalition for Concerned Citizens and is part of the group's celebration of the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Sister Carmelita has served in her current position with Catherine's House since 2002. We are grateful for her service!


Run For The Money


Catherine’s House is participating in the Community Foundation of Gaston County’s fundraiser, Run For The Money 12, on Saturday, April 12th at the Rotary Pavilion in Gastonia. Funds generated by this important fundraiser will help Catherine's House provide services to our residents including but not limited to: counseling, assistance with medications, doctor co-pays, transportation, gas, car repairs, food and personal items.


Find out how you can support the residents of Catherine's House through Run For The Money 12 here.




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Resident Moves

Into Her Own Home


Former resident Carol refers to Catherine's House as the "nicest place on earth."  She wrote this note as she was preparing to move into her own home: "Well, as I am making my plans to depart from Catherine's House, I am filled with sadness and joy. For the first time in so long I felt peace, quiet, and joy - all 3 from the moment I was told I could stay here way back in November. Granted I have had some very high highs...and some VERY low LOWS. Losing my brother being the lowest, but through it all I had a place to call home and friends to comfort me. So it is bittersweet as I pack and try not to cry as I say goodbye to the friends I have made here."


Read Carol's entire post on our facebook page.






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