Why Are You Grateful?


When an 11-year-old resident was asked this question, she wrote the response below. This young girl now lives in her own home with her mother and two sisters. Thank you to all of the donors who made her family's stay at Catherine's House possible.



Thank You Daisy Yoga!


Catherine's House thanks owner Rhonda Waterhouse, the wonderful teacher trainees and students from Daisy Yoga Studiofor collecting much needed items on our Wish List. 

Thanks South Point

Chick-fil-A Leader Club!


The Chick-fil-A Leadership Club at South Point High School recently visited Catherine's House with a generous donation.  Their motto, Impact through Action, inspires students like Senior Kendall Cagle who joined the club to “become more vocal” and to stand up for what she believes is important: “helping people and community service.”

The club sold Chick-fil-A sandwiches after school raising $500 for Catherine’s House. Student Jessica Helton described this service project as their “biggest yet” and added, “Without the help of Natasha Gilbert and the Belmont Chick-fil-A, this project wouldn’t have been as successful.” Mrs. Gilbert (below, left) and the Belmont restaurant matched the donation raised by the students in addition to supplying the food.


Student Madeline Bame said, “Visiting Catherine's house with a donation of that size was a very exciting moment! I think we were all shocked to realize how much the club had accomplished. As we toured the house, we each began to realize the impact of what we had done. It was exciting but also saddening to realize the hardships that occur so close to where we live. Learning about Catherine's house helped us to value the blessings bestowed upon our lives even more.”  



Who We Serve


Catherine's House serves women and children facing homelessness due to a variety of circumstances such as: domestic violence, un/underemployment, the shortage of affordable housing, unexpected tragedies, and the lack of a support network. Catherine's House provides services tailored to the needs of each resident.  Learn more about our services.


Future Full of Hope


Evora, a single mother of three young girls, once wondered if she had a purpose. She asked God, “Why am I still living?” A car accident that left two of her daughters in the hospital was her wake up call. During her daughters’ miraculous recovery, Evora realized she had to “spend more time with God through God’s word, prayer and journaling” to regain her purpose.   As a result, she pursued a strong calling to write.   Evora faithfully wrote late into the evenings (after a full day of work and time with her children) until she had an entire book. The main character ran homes for women who needed help rediscovering their purpose. Amazed by her own foresight, Evora explained, “I was writing about transitional homes before I even knew they existed. I never imagined I would find myself living in one.”  Read the full story here.

Kohl's Cares!


Volunteers from the Gastonia Kohl's Store volunteered to beautify our grounds through their Go Green grant project. Thank you Kohl's and Volunteers!


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